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Herb recipes from Chinese Medcine Treatment National Guideline

Chinese Medicine Treatment for Coronavirus

Translated by TCM Dr. Katherine Thomas

I.          Medical Observation

Clinical Observation 1: Fatigue accompanied with stomach and intestine discomfort

Recommended patent: Huo Xiang Zheng Qi capsule ( pill, liquid, or tea)

Clinical Observation 2: Fatigue accompanied with fever

Recommended patent: Jin Hua Flu-cleared Powder, Lian Hua plague-cleared Powder, Wind Dispersed and Toxic Cleared Capsule(Powder) and Fang Feng Tong Sheng Pills

II         Clinical Treatment Stages

a.     Initial Stage: Cold and dampness trapped in the Lung

Clinical demonstration: Aversion of cold, fever or without fever, dry cough, fatigue, chest tightness, stomach fullness, or nausea and vomiting and diarrhea. Tongue body pale or light red, tongue coating greasy and pulse is soft.

Recommended formula: Chang Zhu 15g, Chen Pi 10g, Hou Po 10g, Cao

Guo 6g, Raw Ma Huang 6g, Qiang Huo 10g, Sheng Jiang 10g, Bin Lang 10g.

b.     Mid-term Stage: Plague-virus Obstructing the Lung

Clinical demonstration: Fever continuing, or fever and chills alternatively shown up, coughing with little phlegm, or with yellow phlegm, bloating and constipation. Chest tightness and shortness of breath, coughing and Chest obstruction, out of breath with movements. Tongue body red, tongue coating greasy or yellow dry coating, pulses are slippery and rapid.

Recommended formula: Xing Ren10g, Raw Shi Gao 30g, Gua Lou 30g, Raw DA Huang 6g ( later added), Raw Ma Huang and Broiled Ma Huang each 6g, Ting Li Zi 10g, Tao Ren 10g, Cao Guo 6g, Bin Lang 10g, Cang Zhu 10g.

Recommended Herbal Injection: Xi Yan Ping Injection and Xie Bi Jing

(Blood Clearing Injection)

c.     Critical Stage: Inner Obstruction and Outer Separation

Clinical Demonstration: Breathing difficulty, out of breath with movements, or with aid of ventilation, fainting, irritability, cold limbs after sweating. Tongue body dark purple, tongue coating greasy or dry, pulses are floating, large and rootless.

Recommended formula: Ren Shen 15g, Black shun Pian 10g, Shan Zhu Yu

15g, taken with Su He Xiang Wan, or An Gong Niu Huang Wan

Recommended Herbal Injection: Xie Bi Jing Injection,  Shen Fu Injection, Sheng Mai Injection

d.     Recovery Stage: Spleen and Lung Deficiency

Clinical Demonstration: Short of breath, fatigue, poor appetite and vomiting, fullness, weak stool, diarrhea without completion. Tongue body pale and fat, tongue coating white and greasy.

Recommended formula: Fa Ban Xia 9g, Chen Pi 10g, Dang Shen 15g, Broiled Huang Qi 30g, Fu Ling 15g, Huo Xiang 10g Sha Ren 6g(later added)

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