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TCM Spleen Deficiency

Question 1: TCM doctor mentioned spleen deficiency to me. Do I have a problem with my spleen?

Spleen deficiency is one of common TCM patterns. It can be treated with Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. Should you worry it in Western Medicine way? The answer is No. The organ TCM mentions in the diagnosis and treatment is not specifically for the organ. Spleen, for example, is the whole digestive system and part of body fluid metabolism. It would less confused if we call spleen as TCM spleen system.

The list of below are the major functions of TCM spleen system

  • Transformation. Spleen can transform the food into fine material that can be used to produce vital energy in the body. People with spleen deficiency often shows tiredness or chronic fatigue because the vital energy is not replenished properly.
  • Adjusting water metabolism. Unused or excessive water can be removed from the body through TCM spleen system.
  • Controlling the blood movement. If TCM spleen does not work well, bleeding may occur. Some bleeding can be arrested through strengthening TCM spleen functions.
  • Uplifting the clear yang. Organ prolapses and chronic diarrhea often occur if TCM spleen is losing its uplifting clear yang function.
  • Nourishing the muscles. Good TCM spleen function  makes muscles plumpy and four limbs strong.

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