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Dagon Global Herb Supply

Dragon Global Herb Supply (DGHS) focuses on share the knowledge and information with overseas herb consumers. We have been sourcing and supplying herbs to overseas clinics and individuals for over five years. During this special time of human history, We are dedicated to help people from the world who are in needs of herbs to combat COVID-19. Now our client or anyone in the world who is willing to try alternative herb recipes is able to order any herbs from us. All prices include express airfreight for orders over US$99.

Why do we do this?

  • To help people fast and efficiently who are suffering from COVID-19 threat.
  • To share the successful treatment with herb recipes used in China .
  • To share the knowledge of herbs as alternative treatment.

Although you may order anything with herbs available in China we strongly suggest raw herbs as they can achieve a better outcome. Raw herb tea is the most used format in combating COVID-19 in China.

Become Dragon member from cost $4.99 a year. you will enjoy 5% + off all orders instantly. Please email us your approve of Chinese Medicine practitioner or clinic for higher discount rate.

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There is a general cooking and intake method with no much difference from when you prepare a soup.

How to cook this herb tea? (This is based on herb recipe for one person one day. Please consult Chinese Medicine practitioners or herbalists for the amount of daily consumption)

Cook for the first time: Soak with water for 30min (water is 2-3cm above the herb tea), Cook with medium heat for 30-50min after bringing to boil, in order to get 200ml decoction left. Use a strainer to filter the tea. 

Cook the second time: Add water into the herb (water is 2-3cm above the herb tea), Cook with medium heat  for 30-50min after bringing to boil, in order to get 200ml tea left. Use a strainer to filter the tea.

Mix both tea together and put in the fridge.

How to intake the herb tea?

Take 150-200ml/person/time, twice a day. Start with 5 days then stop for 2 days before restart. Try to take it for one month.