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Meet your herb needs anytime anythere. Deliver to you can be just as short as 5 days* via Express Airfreight worldwidely. Currently we have prepared large amount of herb recipes used in treating COVID-19 successfully in Wuhan China are ready to delivery anywhere in the world!


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We supply herbs to anythere in the world with no minimum order.

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We take all OEM for your herb production for Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine Clinics or Beauticians.

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We can buy for you for your herb needs if we don’t stock them*. Just send us your list!

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No minimum order! Stock all the popular herbs in the market


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Try with our popular COVID-19 herb recipes

COVID-19 Recipes Used in China

  • New Developments in Primo Vascular System
    Abstract In the 1960s Bong Han Kim discovered and characterized a new vascular system. He was able to differentiate it clearly from vascular blood and lymph systems by the use of a variety of methods, which were available to him […]
  • Why Chinese medicine is heading for clinics around the world
    For the first time, the World Health Organization will recognize traditional medicine in its influential global medical compendium. By David Cyranoski Choi Seung-hoon thought he had an impossible assignment. On a grey autumn day in Beijing in 2004, he embarked […]
  • Latest China national guideline for treating COVID-19 with Herb Recipes
    Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment The COVID-19 belongs to plague in TCM with the etiology of epidemic factor exposure. Different regions can refer to the following plans for syndrome differentiation and treatment, according to the disease, local climate characteristics and […]