Agrimonia pilosa herb – Xian He Cao – 仙鹤草

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Agrimonia pilosa herb – Xian He Cao – 仙鹤草

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Agrimonia pilosa herb – Xian He Cao – 仙鹤草

Actions Indications/Syndromes
Astringes leakage of Blood and stops bleeding Various types of bleeding such as hematemesis, hemoptysis, epistaxis, bleeding gums, hematuria, intestinal bleeding and uterine bleeding

With appropriate herbs, it can be used for bleeding due to Heat, Cold Excess or Deficiency

Astringes diarrhea and dysentery Chronic diarrhea and dysentery
Kills parasites Trichomonas vaginitis (topical), tapeworm and malarial disorders (internal)
Tonifies Qi and Blood Qi and Blood Deficiencies due to overexertion
Reduces swelling and eliminates pus The vine is used topically or internally, treats breast abscesses, swellings and ulcerations

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