Alpinia oxyphylla seed – Yi Zhi Ren – 益智仁

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Alpinia oxyphylla seed – Yi Zhi Ren – 益智仁

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Alpinia oxyphylla seed – Yi Zhi Ren – 益智仁

Actions Indications/Syndromes
Warms the Kidneys and astringes Jing and urine Frequent and copious urination, urinary incontinence and spermatorrhea or dribbling of urine due to Kidney Yang Deficiency

Kidney Jing not Consolidated

Irregular uterine bleeding

Warms the Spleen, increases the appetite and
tops diarrhea and salivation
Spleen and Stomach Yang Deficiency with diarrhea, Cold abdominal pain, excessive salivation and a thick, unpleasant taste in the mouth

Abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea from Cold entering the Spleen and Kidneys

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