Amber fossil resin – Hu Po – 琥珀

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Amber fossil resin – Hu Po – 琥珀

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Amber fossil resin – Hu Po – 琥珀

Actions Indications/Syndromes
Stops tremors and palpitations and calms the Spirit Shen disturbance with palpitations with anxiety, excessive dreams, insomnia, forgetfulness, and seizures

Childhood convulsions and seizures due to Heart Blood Deficiency with Internal Wind

Invigorates the Blood, dissipates Stasis and unblocks the menses Amenorrhea or pain associated with palpable immobile masses due to Blood Stasis (can be used alone for this)

Coronary artery disease

Promotes urination and unblocks painful urinary dysfunction Urinary retention or painful urinary dysfunction (especially bloody urine)
Reduces swelling and promotes healing (topical) Sores, carbuncles, and skin ulcerations

Swelling and pain of the scrotum or vulva

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