Bai Jie Zi – Bai Jie Zi – 白芥子

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Bai Jie Zi – Bai Jie Zi – 白芥子

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Bai Jie Zi – Bai Jie Zi – 白芥子

Actions Indications/Syndromes
Warms the Lungs, regulates Qi and expels Phlegm Accumulation of Cold-Phlegm with cough and asthma with copious thin sputum, chest distention, tightness and pain and rib pain especially in chronic disorders
Promotes Qi movement, dissipates nodules, unblocks the collaterals and alleviates pain Phlegm-Dampness Accumulating in the Channels with numbness in the limbs

Yin flat abscess, tuberculosis of the bones

Spreading sores

Phlegm nodules (scrofula)

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