Bubalus bubalis horn – Shui Niu Jiao – 水牛角

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Bubalus bubalis horn – Shui Niu Jiao – 水牛角

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Bubalus bubalis horn – Shui Niu Jiao – 水牛角

Actions Indications/Syndromes
Clears Heat from the Ying and Xue stages,
elieves Fire toxicity, cools the Blood and stops bleeding
Ying or Xue Stage Heat or Blood Heat with a very high fever and chaotic movement of Blood (erythema, purpura, epistaxis, hematemesis, convulsions and delirium)
Clears Heat and arrests tremors Warm-Heat pathogen diseases when the Heat enters the Ying or Xue levels with unremitting high fever, loss of consciousness, delirium, convulsions or manic behavior

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