Perilla frutescens leaf – Zi Su Ye – 紫苏叶

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Perilla frutescens leaf – Zi Su Ye – 紫苏叶

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Perilla frutescens leaf – Zi Su Ye – 紫苏叶

Actions Indications/Syndromes
Releases the Exterior and disperses Cold Wind-Cold with fever, chills, headache, nasal congestion, cough or a stifling sensation in the chest (especially in older people)
Promotes the movement of Spleen and Stomach Qi (Harmonizes the Middle Jiao, relieves intestinal gas), improves Lung function and expands the chest (relieves Cold induced wheezing) Spleen/Stomach Qi Stagnation with nausea, vomiting, or anorexia


Chest distention

Calms the fetus and alleviates morning sickness Restless fetus and morning sickness
Alleviates seafood poisoning

Detoxifies any type of allergy

Seafood poisoning (fish and crab), used alone or in combination

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