Questions and answers

Do I need to join as a Dragon member to buy?

No. You don’t have to join members to buy but you do have 5%+ discount if you join as a member. Just be in mind there are different levels of memberships. 

  • Premium Members will have 5% discount on any order over $49. Plus one time 10 minutes free consultation with our qualified Chinese Medicine Practitioner.
  • Practitioner members will have 20% discount on any order over $99. Dedicated account manager. 50% off discount for  Fogo clinic management system. Please see for more details.
  • Clinic members will have 30% discount on any order over $129. Dedicated account manager. 50% off discount for Fogo clinic management system. Please see for more details.

How acurate is your website translation?

Although we have tried our best to translate the website into your language the majority of contents are translated by Google Translator. We can not guarantee the acuracy of the results. In order to avoid confusion of the herb names we strongly suggest you use Pin Yin names as they have become the international strandards. Please use plain English if you send your information or request via Email as we don’t have a capacity of the rest of language speakers.

How do I join as a Dragon member?

Go to the main menu>membership level to register as a member. Kindly notice all applications will need to be reviewed before approval. 

Can I order from global herb supply for my friends in other countries?

Yes, you can. Please fill the shipping address correctly at the check out. 

What do I do if I can’t find the herb product I want?

Please send email to or submit the contact form. We will contact you for your needs. 

How much is my shipping cost for my order?

Curretnly, we include the Experss airfreight shipping cost if your order is more than US$99 and the total weight is less than 2KG. The shipping cost is $29 per kg if the order is less than $99. Be noted, the shipping cost will not displayed automatically at the check out page. You will need to add the shipping cost as a product into your shopping cart.

  1. check the total weight of your order in your cart
  2. search the product ‘1Kg Express Delivery ‘ and add it into your cart.
  3. Change the quantity from 1 to the nubmer of your order weight.
  4. Then go to check out

How to fomulate and order my own herb recipe in ?

Step one: search and add all the herb ingredients into shopping cart

Step two: Add and modify the quantity for each individual herbs. Such as Ren Shen 10/per day for 10 days. You need to enter the total amount 100gram in the shopping cart. 

Step three: check out. Please join us as member if you would like discount rate. 

How long do I expect the delivery time?

In this CoronaVirus period, the herb demand in the world has increased dramatically. Dragon global herb supply is dedicated to supply any orders in the shortest delivery time in the market. This is just to support the whole world to combat coronavirus with the successful herb recipe treatment in China. We only use DHL for all orders and it is expected to arrive in 5-10 working days in the most countries. However, it may cause delays if your countries put border control, customs or quarantine issues. 

How do I pay with my credit card?

Our website use Paypal’s online payment gateway. In Paypal payment page, you may use your PayPal account to arrange payment. Or you may use ‘Pay by Credit Card’ function and please see the image below. 

How many different type of herb products are there in the market?

Traditionally, there are a few types of herbs.

Raw herb: Plant leaves, roots, seeds and other parts were found to help people are harvest and processed. They are normally sun dried to keep the original ingredients and there are other modern methods to do so. In most cases, raw herbs are to be cooked to get decoction before consumption. There is a video clip to show you how to cook the raw herb recipes.

Herb powder: Some of rew herbs can be grinded into power and easy for carry.

Herb pills: The herbs are grinded and mixed with honey or other food ingredients for easy intake and storage.

Liquid: The herbs are abstracted and mixed with oil and for internal or external usage based on their purpose.

Herb plasters/patches: the palsters and patches are made of herb ingredients and for external use.

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